Operating Theatres

Starkstrom a leading manufacturer and supplier of cutting edge equipment for operating rooms and critical care units:

  • Clinical lighting & battery backup
  • Operating tables & accessories
  • Picture archiving and communications system (PACS)
  • Isolated power supplies (IPS)
  • Surgeons’ control panels
  • Clinical pendants & accessories
  • Ultra clean ventilation (UCV)
  • Laser interlock systems
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • S-equip (Integrated Solutions)
  • Vision or media distribution/audiovisual

Nuclear Medicine – Radiation Detection

We supply the following four major types of instruments to detect and identify radioactive materials and ionizing radiation:

  • Personal radiation detector (PRD)
  • Handheld survey meter
  • Radiation isotope identification device (RIID)
  • Radiation portal monitor (RPM)