Fan Filter Units

Our laminar flow fan filter units provide clean unidirectional air to your clean environment. Each FFU provides excellent airflow distribution from the filter face.

Contaminated air is drawn in and passed through the integrated HEPA/ULPA filters to remove particles. The filters are detachable from the main fan unit for easy replacement.

The FFU is designed with flexibility to allow use in 50mm T-Bar ceiling grid system, heavy duty ceiling grid system and other compatible grid systems.

Fan filter units are commonly used in ISO 3 (class 1) to ISO 8 (class 100K) cleanrooms.

Fan filter unit is a self-powered laminar flow unit designed to provide filtered laminar air flow over a specific area. Each unit provides excellent air flow distribution from the filter face; therefore, it easily facilitates in the removal of particles generated in the cleanroom. The FFU draws in contaminated air from the top of the unit and exhaust filtered clean air vertically in a unidirectional air stream at its base.  The unit is designed with total flexibility for use with 50mm t-bar ceiling grid system, heavy duty ceiling grid, and other compatible grids. The FFU is integrated with HEPA/ ULPA filter which can be detach from the main fan unit.

FFU or custom-made models are commonly used in construction of class 1 to class 100K cleanrooms