Exhaust Ventilation Systems

A properly designed ventilation system is an important part of lab planning. A good system eliminates over-exposure to dangerous fumes, saves energy and prevents noise pollution. Our ventilation systems come with complete with a ducting & control system, dampers, silencers, vibration absorbers and exhaust fans. Our professional specialists and engineers are experienced in the design and implementation of ventilation systems and will ensure the right materials and components are selected to meet your technical specifications and achieve excellent efficiency.

We offer the following electrical control systems for our exhaust systems:

CAV Controls
Commonly used for single fume hoods/exhausts or multi exhaust systems requiring constant volume ventilation but without advanced exhaust fan response. The system continuously ventilates at velocity of at least 0.5m/s to maintain negative pressure within the lab.
VSD Controls
Exhaust flow rate can be adjusted according to the actual number of fume hoods/exhausts used at the same time. This helps to save energy when additional ventilation is not required.
VAV-VSD Controls
Velocity of the inlet face in each fume hood can be maintained and controlled with the aid of sensors, dampers and controllers. The VAV system responds to changes within the fume hood to ensure that inlet velocity is kept constant with room pressure, temperature and air changes.