– Controlled Environment


Design and construction of commercial & modular cold rooms using modular assembly for commercial & pharmaceutical applications.


  • Energy-efficient for meeting demanding requirements
  • Modular cold room design, which can be tailored to suit the available space
  • Can supply 120mm polyurethane panel that delivers a k-value of 0.16. (compared with 0.24 for 80 mm panel)
  • Full cam-locked technology provides thermally efficient connections between walls, floors and ceilings
  • Door made of durable, high-quality materials and able to deal with extreme temperature changes
  • Low-noise operation and lower running cost refrigerants

Environment Chambers

We distribute the following from manufacturer Darwin chambers company:

  • Environmental chambers
  • Environmental rooms
  • Stability testing chambers
  • Plant growth rooms and chambers
  • ICH/FDA pharmaceutical stability chambers
  • Laboratory incubator
  • FDA/ICH compliant stability refrigerators
  • Insect rearing chambers
  • Freeze thaw chambers
  • Thermal cycling chambers
  • Custom reach-in chamber or walk-in environmental room