Clean Booths

Clean booths are constructed from aluminum profile or powder-baked finish steel hollow structure, with anti-static vinyl curtains enclosing the clean work area. Clean benches are designed with a built-in worktop for sensitive work to be performed.

Consider our clean booths or benches for a cost-effective solution to create a small and distinct clean working area. It may even save you from building an entire cleanroom.

Clean booth cleanrooms isolate clean processes or insulate dirty ones. Medical device manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, high particulate processes, paint, automotive, packaging, or injection molding: each application is dynamic with unlimited variables.

Clean booth cleanroom installation requires design consideration before reaching the installation site. Customized ceiling filters and HVAC systems prevent contaminants, harmful aerosols, and fine particulate from impeding critical processes. Steel and aluminum support structures bear customized curtain heights, lighting grids, ceilings, and custom hardware for lean temporary structures or permanent manufacturing areas.

Clean booth cleanroom designed by MAC guarantees testing and validation that meets your state, federal, and organizational goals for you application. Whether you’re limited by budget, downtime, or only by your imagination, you’ll get tightly scheduled delivery and guaranteed ISO validation from a single point of contact.